We've all be there. You look at yourself in the mirror and find yourself saying "I hate my hair". Or maybe you're driving to work and you sigh "I hate my job and wish I made more money". We say these things without even thinking about it. You may never think that using these words and phrases would affect you but, they absolutely do. Continuing to use negative words can not only affect your mental state, they can affect you on a physical level. The more we continue to speak the same negative words over and over, it becomes habitual, bringing further harm to ourselves.

Think about music. You hear the song one time, and you start to catch on to the melody. As you hear the song two, or three more times, you start to know the lyrics. By the time you've heard it several more times, you know it without even having to think about it. Our brains use repetition to learn new things. When you play a song on repeat, your brain recognizes patterns. The same thing happens when you continuously speak negative words. Your brain knows the patterns and consistencies of those words.

Words are powerful. There is never a moment when we aren't reading, speaking, or listening. And what's more, there is an emotional attachment or response to the words in our lives. This is what forms our associations, beliefs, and perceptions about ourselves and others. Once we've made it a habit to pay attention to the negative words, it's easier to believe them. We have all of the power in the world to make the switch and use positive words to uplift every aspect of our lives.


In the 1990's, a Japanese scientist by the name of Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted several experiments on how words effected energy. He observed how music, words, and prayer physically effected water. Have you ever viewed frozen water under a microscope? When there are no impurities, water takes on a crystalline structure and looks like a snowflake. When water isn't pure, it does not form crystals when frozen.

Dr. Emoto's experiments involved taking both pure and polluted water and pouring them into containers with different labels. The pure water samples were poured into containers with negative phrases on the labels, while the polluted water samples were poured into containers with positive and uplifting phrases. After 24 hours, both of the water samples were frozen and when he looked under the microscope, what he saw was astonishing. The water without impurities that had been labeled with phrases like "fear" and "I hate you" did not look like a snowflake or form crystals like it normally would have. The sample was instead, misshapen. The polluted water sample, on the other hand, perfectly crystallized while in containers labeled with phrases like "Peace" and "I love you".

These experiments proved that the physical structure of an object can literally change based on the energy from positive or negative words. If words and thoughts could physically change water, imagine what kind of effect they have on our lives. The power of negative energy is very scary. But how can we change the way we think when negativity has been drilled into our consciousness? Surround yourself with inspiring people, write down affirmation letters to remind yourself how amazing you are, and remember to find happiness in whatever you're doing. Just like your brain uses repetition to learn a new song, you can use that same repetition to change your thoughts, shift your energy, and open your mind to a whole new world.

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